"Thanks to a generation of massive amounts of standardized testing, our students conceive education primarily as a tool for determining a ranking. The Obama administration’s policy is even called Race to the Top. We have the most read columnist in the country telling us how important it is to raise “standards” so our students don’t fall behind.
For our students’ entire lives we have communicated that the reason to learn things is not to fulfill curiosities, but to see where you stack up relative to others. Grades are no longer a proxy for learning, but a lap time determining how well they’re doing at achieving a secure financial future. Under this system, a “B” is genuine cause for distress. A “C” is a disaster that points towards a ruined life.
At the same time, we have made it increasingly difficult to pay for a genuine education. The burden of loans threatens to strangle adult lives before they really begin. It is now impossible to work your way through college. Concerns over even paying for college are also at an all-time high. We communicate that a college degree is more important than ever and then make it more difficult to achieve.
Students look at the larger culture and see not a ladder of opportunity, but a treadmill of obligation. No wonder they’re distressed."


The Anxiety Crisis | Inside Higher Ed (via notational)

we should be learning from KIDS

they know what’s up

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dude all the people i follow are so cool

new motto: a) good job!

b) awesome!

c) you’re great!

d) thanks for being you!

e) you’re doing you and that’s great!

f) anything else that’s positive

fir real tho i’m so excited about life but it’s 10pm bed time


nature vaginas

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I miss you..

That last comment broke my heart..

love you

so there are a lot of things i could say. too much, and my heart is swelling. but i can say this: completed*. people commit crimes. people complete suicide.

"Do not try to be pretty. You weren’t meant to be pretty; you were meant to burn down the earth and graffiti the sky. Don’t let anyone ever simplify you to just “pretty.”"

- Things I Wish My Mother Had Taught Me | d.a.s  (via solacity)

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favorite statue

people in full body suits must feel like sausages

all that junk packed into one trunk